Strainer T-Type Socket Weld and Lifting David

T-Type Strainer (Bath Tub) in Stainless Steel

T-Type strainers (also called bath tub strainer) in stainless steel can be used for aggressive media like deionized or demineralised wateralkaline, boiler feed water, acid or alcaline medium. The dimension reach from 2" (DN50) to 12" (DN300) as standard. For special requirements the T-Type Strainer can be produced up to 48" (DN1200), with a pressure rate up to 2500 LB according to ASME B16.5.
Bath tub strainers can be delivered with butt welds and flanges. The screen in W-design has a large filter area with low pressure drop. The T-Type strainer is available with a screen in V-design as well.
Thsi strainer type is often used during start up and after revision. After the cleaning process the sieve will be taken off and the strainer body will remain in the pipe. The bath tub strainer has a big advantage in comperison to temporary strainers since the pipe must not be opend when the screen has been retrieved from the pipe.


Details to T-Type Strainer with flanges, like installation length:Details to T-Type Strainer butt weld, like installation length:General information to T-type strainers:
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  • permanent filtration of the medium
  • suitable for mounting in horizontal and vertical pipelines
  • no disassemble of the filter housing for cleaning is necessary
  • simple handling / basket cleansing
  • low-maintenance
  • reusable elements
  • mit an optional lifting david available
  • contamination level indicator (optional)

Strainer Types Stainless Steel for Industrial Applications

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Y-Type Strainer Stainless Steel ANSI, PN25, PN40

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Y-Type Strainer Stainless Steel Screwed

Easy mounting and up to 100 bar available

Y-Type Strainer Stainless Steel Socket Weld

Stable connection to the pipe and up to 100 bar

Single Basket Strainer Stainless Steel

For a tool-free and comfortable basket cleaning

Duplex-Strainer Stainless Steel

Interruption free plant operation through 2 sieves

T-Type Strainer Stainless Steel

From 2" (DN50) up to 12" (DN300) and up to 2500 LB (ASME)

Temporary Strainer Stainless Steel

During startup or after revision

Strainer in Carbon Steel

Strainer overview in carbon steel


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